Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but this past week has literally felt like someone flipped on the hot switch. Warm weather has always been SUPER annoying for me, as I love layers, jackets, and thick fabrics. What am I gonna do this time to keep cool without sacrificing any style points? Focus on these 4 pieces.

1. Large spike or pyramid earrings - a perfect touch for an updo or ponytail, that you'll inevitably have in the heat. Keep 'em tough, silver, and LARGE.
2. Edgey, intense sunglasses - people will be squinting to see what you have on your head! The weirder, the spikier, the better! By using an interest piece that is MADE to protect you from the shade, you'll get the best of both worlds.
3. Thin, dark tank tops - Your arms will be breezy, but never boring. Black on black ruffles and sheers can be easily translated by lopping off the sleeves.
4. Black Maxi Dresses - Flowy, comfy and incredibly cool (in more ways than one). Basic black dresses are all over the plus market, but don't stop there! DIY your favorite with spikes or studs from your local craft shops or throw on a studded belt just under your bust.

What are your go-to pieces during warm weather?


  1. I love the edgey style. I think that it would work perfectly for summer!