Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in my bag?


Purse: Betsey Johnson

Left to right, Top to Bottom:

- Tokidoki Planner + Papermate Breast Cancer Pen
- Pink Boombox Case (a gift) that holds my iPod (encased in a pink metal holder from eBay)
- My Melody Bandaids + Holder (eBay)
- Pink Sequin Heart Coin Case, used as pill box (Forever 21)
- Pink Biohazard Head Phones (Ross)
- Silver Glitter Coin Case, used as a pill box (Forever 21)
- 5 Gum
- Betsey Johnson Bow Sunglasses (
- Deery Lou Coin Case (eBay)
- Pink Rose Mirror (Forever 21)
- Miss Army Kit (Torrid)
- Betsey Johnson Make Up Case (a gift)
- Solid Pink Sugar Perfume (a gift)
- iPhone in a Silicon Pink Hello Kitty Case (Torrid)
- Betsey Johnson Wallet (a gift)
- Pink Addict Flyers
- Pink Camera + Bunny Camera Case (from
- Pink Nintendo DS + Harajuku Lovers Case (Urban Outfitters)
- Pink Glitter Case for Checks + Banking (Forever 21)

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