Monday, September 28, 2009

OOTD: Disneyland

Disneyland (well, theme parks in general) is a tricky place to get dressed for, particularly if you are of the chubble persuasion. You need to be comfortable and weather appropriate (luckily, last night was beautiful) with good shoes. But if you are like me, it's very important to remain true to your own style. Since many of my outfits are not appropriate for hours of walking, you have to get creative. Make sure you have well fitting biker shorts for under skirts to prevent chub rub or opt for leggings/jeans. Monistat (yes, yes I know) makes a fabu anti-chafing cream that you can apply as well to keep your skin happy and rash-free. Sneakers or flip flops are best...and chucks look good with most everything! I <3 the sequin ones that have been out for a few years now and I got a compliments from a few 6 year old princesses...that's when I know I'm on the right path! Backpacks are excellent for toting around goodies, including a cardigan/hoodie for night time, sunscreen, anti-chafing cream, sunglasses, and all your general necessities.

Enough theme park boot's what I wore!

OOTD: Disneyland!

Top + Studded Skirt + Black Bangles from Torrid
Bra from Lane Bryant
Cardigan from Alloy
Knee Socks from Torrid
Sequin Chucks from Delia*s
Hat from Urban Oufitters
Flower Clip on Hat from Tarina Tarantino
Pink Skull Bracelet from Hot Topic
Heart Ring from Macy's
And my favorite (the inspiration for the whole outfit) the Skull Necklace is from my shop Pink Addict!!

Come to think of outfit matches my current blog layout QUITE nicely! Bonus =)

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