Friday, September 4, 2009

Essential Pieces for Fall!

Fall is almost here and that means my FAVORITE fashion time of year! We can add layers, hats, and boots without roasting our hides and without freezing our tushies off! What are the necessary pieces?

1. A great coat - this lil' number is from Dorothy Perkins and comes in Black, Yellow, Purple, and PINK!
2. Vests - these are a warmer, more snazzy alernative to the high belt. They cinch in your body to create a more definitive waist, much like a belt, but add more warmth and a new dimension to dressing. I love this one from Dorothy Perkins because it has sequins and an open style in the belly area.
3. Studs! - I love these puppies on everything...belts, dresses, headbands, gloves, shoes....they really can't go wrong for me.
4. Bangles - I love stacking the bangles and clanging my way through the day. The trick for plus size girls to get the ones from the plus size store that sit properly so that they look effortless and flattering the arm. Torrid, Evans, and Lane Bryant all carry affordable sets.
5. Leather gloves - Yes, I'm a vegetarian. I can't get enough of leather shoot me! These great ones are from Intermix, but I've found styles by Patricia Field and Michael Kors that work on many hand sizes. These keep you hands warm and are great for when you go out and don't want to fix your chipped nail polish.
6. Berets with somethin' extra - I love the slouchy tam/snood/beret look, but I been wanting more than the standard knit fair. For fall, dazzle it up with a sequin one or maybe even one with a bow or flower!
7. Huge Pyramid Rings - these are a direct rip off the runway, but you can find some great styles in sizes 8 and up at Evans and Torrid.
8. Single Charm necklaces - these easy and affordable pieces add some pop to any wardrobe with minimal effort. Try Girlprops for TONS of affordable styles.

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