Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dressing to Undress: the Sexy Lingerie Guide for the Voluptous Gal

Many manufacturers are getting the memo that plus size ladies are very interested in gorgeous lingerie that flatters their figure. As a full time employee of a corset shop, I see tons of lingerie sites, lines, hosiery, etc. Here are some great pieces that work well for big girls without sacrificing ANNNNNY style.

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How to get the best look out of lingerie:
1. Corset up: seriously, not only are they TOTALLY hot, but they smooth and support like nothing else you've ever felt. The corset above is my favorite for curvy girls, the Chelsea Corset. When purchasing a true corset, you should expect to drop a chunk of change. This item should be made for you in a great basic like black satin or brocade. However, if taken care of, this item will last you as LONG as it fits you. This is an investment that every girl should have and you will get YEARS of sexy wear out of it!
2. Raw Edge Stockings: Take it from someone who knows: thigh high stockings these days, RARELY look good on anyone's legs. I've seen size 0 models get thigh chub from a fitted top stocking. Since I don't know of any fully fashioned manufacturer that makes plus size stockings (I'd LOVE to know if anyone does), it usually looks best to opt for a raw-edged thigh high with garters, as they won't cut into your flesh in an unpleasing manner.
3. Sexy panties come in all shapes: Yes, a thong is sexy, we get it. But, why not go outside the box with a full panty, featuring an unexpected surprise! I love these panties shown above because they are the OPPOSITE design of a thong, but almost MORE sexy because of their classic design and cheeky attitude. Or, as with the other pair shown, grab a super low-rise pair and change things up that way.
4. The petticoat: Petticoats are great because they can also be paired with leggings and be worn OUTSIDE of the bedroom. A great, short petticoat is a necessary item for the bedroom wardrobe. They are flirty, comfy, and super sassy...and will no doubt be a crowd pleaser.
5. Skyscraper Heels: Let's be crass, shall we? Are you REALLY planning on standing up? Naw, that means your heels can be high high high and all the sexier for it. Whether you opt for a platform 8" pair or a simply, retro 6" single sole set, a black patent or leather heel will finish off the look.


  1. I don't know of any high fashion manufacturers of plus size stockings, but Shirley of Hollywood offers a beautiful collection of affordable plus size legwear, thigh highs, pantyhose, etc. (And the garter belts to go with.) The Shirley plus size line is called Intimate Attitudes.

  2. Yes, I'm familiar with them. They are great for what they are, but in my experience I don't have that great of luck with fit, because the materials aren't constructed to, em, "hold up/in" my business that I got goin' on =)

    I'd love something like What Katie Did's stocking, but plus size.
    They are so gorgeous! *sigh*

  3. There's this site out of the UK that seems to have plus size thigh highs:

    The prices look reasonable.

  4. Oooh, thanks beatfreak! I'll go check it out!!

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