Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bye Bye Boosh

One of my favorite shops, Babooshka, is closing its doors very soon.  While of course I am sad, I'm so happy for the owner, Francesca, to venture on to new things.  As someone who closed their business to be a full time mom, I completely understand her desire to focus on her family and explore other avenues.  Pretty much everything is on sale, so PLEASE STOCK UP WHILE YOU CAN!! I wear her clothing several times a week and it got me through SO MANY years of pregnancy, travel, and working at home with panache. I popped on this Vent Maxi Tee in stripes and snapped some pics in honor of her closing.

Outfit Details:
Striped Vent Maxi Tee - Babooshka
Leggings - Yours Clothing
Shoes - Custom Converse

I wore this to the Hello Kitty Cafe, a mere 10 minutes from our house.  Here are some pics from the cafe!


  1. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Babooshka! I've found a bunch of pieces that I really like and was curious how you navigated the fit. We're about the same size and I'm wondering if you got an XL or XXL?

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  3. I don't understand your need nor reason to post a comment on a three month old blog about a fashion line closing their doors only to make assertions and assumptions about someone you know nothing about. Your time would be better served directing this energy towards more pressing issues like the missing teens in DC or food deserts in various lower income areas.